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At Your Service ICT take all care and respect possible with your equipment and information, unfortunately there is no guaranteed certainty that every thing can be fixed exactly as we would like it to be. However rest assured that all possible avenues will be investigated to find the best options for the best out come.

- Hosting Policy

- Response Policy

- Privacy Policy

- Service Contact Policy

- Fixed Price Policy

- Rebuild Policy

- Environmental Policy

- Account Policy

- Payment Policy

- Return Policy

- Flexi Rent Terms & Conditions

- Telstra Terms & Conditions

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Policies expanded

Hosting Policy
To transfer the domain registrar to At Your Service ICT you will need to obtain the “Domain Name Password” that is available from your existing provider. To locate them please go to http://admin.auda.org.au/password_recovery/blank_recover_password.faces and search for your domain, .au domain transfers are $12.00 other domain are priced accordingly please contact us for further information. Transfers will only occur when accompanied by a renewal $99.00 for 2 years of an .au domain please contact us for further pricing of other domains. If you are still having difficulties gaining the password At Your Service ICT requires you to write a letter on business letter head and signed by the proprietor of the business containing the following statement and your ABN and ACN if applicable.

" I (name), (position) of (business) give permission to At Your Service ICT to transfer registrar of the domain (enter domain) to At Your Service ICT domain registrar and hosting services. I declare that I am the registered owner of the domain and the domain will not be transfer to a new owner through this application and understand to transfer the legal ownership of a domain a separate application needs to be completed."

At Your Service ICT need to have the original document with signature in blue ink, please mail this to PO Box 843 Lyndoch, 5351 SA. The manual procedure can take up to two months is it advised this should be a last resort and will incur a $55.00 administration fee. All fees and charges need to be paid in full before any requests are actioned. Application for domain hosting Hosing of your new web site created by At Your Service ICT is $285.00 per year or $550.00 for 2 years for managed hosting (this only covers hosting issues and support, web site changes or enhancements are not covered). This is for one domain name, 200mb of storage, 10 mail boxes and 2GB of web traffic. Please contact us for hosting of a non At Your Service ICT site, site migration, larger space or traffic requirements.

Register a domain name $99.00 for 2 years .au registration
Transfer of domain registrar $12.00 .au transfer
(other domain transfers are priced accordingly please contact us for further information)
Manual transfer of domain $55.00
Domain hosting $285.00 for one year
Domain hosting $550.00 for two year

At Your Service ICT reserves the right to refuse or remove web sites that are deemed to be of an inappropriate nature.


Response Policy
We will endeavor to contact you with in 4 hours of leaving a voice message or 24 hours when leaving a email, and we will be out to see you with in 24 hours if appropriate


Privacy Policy
At Your Service ICT collects personal information for the exclusive use by us to track and manage our customer service to you the client. We only use this information to assist us in keeping records of our client interaction and purchasing, and do not pass this information on to others unless specified in writing. We give you the opportunity to review the information that we have collected by written consent and can take up to 31 days to complete the request. We use the latest security measures to maintain control of your data in a safe environment.


Service Contact Policy
PLEASE NOTE All existing “Service Contract Agreement” clients as of 1/7/13 these agreements will be null and void, due to change in business practice due to the economical climate.
All rates are now:
Standard Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm - $110/hr
Outside of hours Monday to Friday 10pm to 9am - $165/hr
Weekends Saturday 9am to 2pm - $175/hr
Weekends Saturday 2pm to 9am Monday - $220/hr
Phone support - $88/hr (please note advice and sales enquires are still welcome and not charged for)
Travelling will be charged from leaving At Your Service ICT office in Birdwood to return at our office
at the appropriate rate.
All jobs will be invoiced at the week’s end completed or not and payment will be required within 3 days.
All hardware will be invoiced at the time of order and payment will be required prior to At Your Service ICT
purchasing your product.
These changes come with great regret, but time changes everything and At Your Service ICT has not changed
our pricing since 2006...


Fixed Price Policy
At Your Service ICT pride its self on a fixed price for our service $220, rebuild $330 or set up $330 but being a fixed price there is no discount for items not completed at the customer’s request or for required hardward and or software update, replacement or installation this will be charged for via the per hour rate.


Rebuild Policy
When a PC needs to be rebuilt At Your Service ICT takes no responsibility for personal information or programs that are stored on your PC but will try to back up your personal data where ever possible (ie documents, photos and music) but do not guarantee the accuracy or efficiency of this process.
Only licensed volumes of software will be installed and if not provided by the client will have to be purchased through At Your Service ICT for installation.
If no paid anti virus program is owned by the client there will be on installed and charged appropriately for no exceptions.
The standard rebuild is limited to the hardware rectification (parts to be paid for on top of rebuild price), 1 operating system installation, available updates for the operating system, available PC hardware drivers installed, 3 programs installed (ie Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader and an anti virus program), one printer installed, internet set up, email set up and 1 user accounts created. Further modification to the rebuild will be charged for via the per hour rate.


Environmental Policy
At Your Service ICT provides services to the private and public sectors. In providing these services, it is At Your Service ICT policy to recognise the principles of environmental best practices for the IT industry and foster a sense of environmental responsibility. In doing so, At Your Service ICT:
Have regard to the protection of the environment and the mitigation of the environmental effects in projects over which we have control and our own operations.
Incorporate a requirement for all parties involved in our projects to comply with the Environment Protection Act 1993 and regulations and specific environmental requirements in all aspects of their operations on these projects.
Operate in accordance with professional codes of ethics, recognised environmental codes and principles, standards and statutes in the implementation of projects, taking into account best available technology where economically viable as well as best practice procedures to minimise environmental impact, use of resources, energy and the generation of waste.
Commit to a process of continued improvement of our environmental management procedures.


Account Policy
Only select business clients on a Service Contract Agreement are able to apply for an account status all other works will be billed at the completion of the job and require immediate payment.
Accounts that are created will be billed and have 7 days to pay from the invoice date failure to comply will result in the following:
14 days from the invoice date, a $35.00 late payment fee will be applied.
21 days from the invoice date $35.00 late payment fee and 5% of total invoice will be incurred and the debt passed to a collection agency.
30 days from the invoice date $35.00 late payment fee, 5% of total invoice and $88 debt collection fee and $125 court cost will be incurred and the debt passed to Magistrates Court Of South Australia (Civil Division) for legal action.
Ownership of equipment and title release will only occur once the invoice is paid in full.
Account availability is a privilege and not a right and can be revoked at the discretion of At Your Service ICT.
A deposit and or progression payment may be asked for and doesn't constitute as a payment until balance is fully received.


Payment Policy
Payment can be made in the following methods
Electronic transfer (confirmation may be asked to be sited)
Flexi Rent


Return Policy
There are no refunds or returns except under warranty or mislabeling, products that are not installed by At Your Service ICT are only covered by the manufacturer and will require back to base service for inspection. Damaged caused by incorrect use, malice, poor installation or maintenance are not covered. Software is not covered by this policy and we refer you to the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) for further information.


Flexi Rent Terms & Conditions
Flexi Rent is a separate entity from At Your Service ICT and has their own agreements and policies please refer to their web site for further information. www.flexirent.com


Telstra Terms & Conditions
Telstra is a separate entity from At Your Service ICT and has their own agreements and policies please refer to their web site for further information. www.telstra.com.au


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