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Can you live without your computer or device? If your computer system failed to operate correctly what are the implications to your day. To avoid problems prevention is better than cure, there are ways to recover data and to rebuild systems but studies show this is usually five times more expensive than preventative measures and upgrading.

General PC Service - we offer the only complete pc service, that will get things back on track.

Installations - we can supply and install all your computer and data requirements so you can get on with your day.

Upgrades - with the fast pace of technology you can get left behind quickly, drop in and talk to us on how we can get you back on track.

Support - just have a question, call drop in or book an appointment we are always happy to help.

Mobile phone and tablet repairs - from a cracked screen to a replacement battery we can provide a same day service for your mobile repairs.

Networking - with the evolution of the "internet of things" getting it all connected is important, from 2 devices to 200 we can connect it all.

Data backup - a simple data backup system will save you more than just the data, if you were to have a major failure on your system it can cost you thousands of dollars and hours of time.

Data recovery - we are a certified Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery partner, if we cannot recover your data in store we have a global partner that will definitely be able to recover your data quickly.

Communications - bring in your phone bill and we can see if there is a better offer, we can also upgrade your mobile phone and mobile data services and have mobile data prepaid kits in store and ready to go.

Virus protection and removal - with over 17m separate malware signatures unfortunately you will get infected but there are steps to take to lower this risk, we can remove them clean up you system and protect you in to the future. Don't forget you can get infected on your phone, tablet, Mac so drop in and look at the range of protection for all you devices.

Equipment cleaning - Over heating of your computer can lead to a major system failure, heat alone can shorten the life of your equipment so is it time to get it checked.

Equipment disposal - we do not resell second hand equipment but take pride in recycling any old computer equipment let us know what you have and we will do what we can to stop the resources going into land fill.

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